Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Rise of Pakistan in Global Meat Trade

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Pakistan has started making the provisional first strides towards turning into a noteworthy worldwide player in an industry in which the nation has a solid upper hand: the worldwide red meat exchange.

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Pakistan has exceptional characteristic qualities, the nation likewise confronts huge framework inadequacies which impair the capacity of numerous Pakistani organizations to adequately contend with firms from Australia, Brazil or even India.
The halal nourishment market, at simply over $640 billion a year around the world, is one of the biggest open doors in the sustenance and agribusiness division. It is likewise one that plays to the novel points of interest of being based out of Pakistan.

Meat Suppliers in Pakistan

Halal meat is likewise one of the quickest developing portions inside the worldwide nourishment exchange. Somewhere around 2001 and 2009, the worldwide hamburger exchange developed at a normal of 10.4 for each penny to achieve simply over $30 billion, as per information accessible from the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).
In any case, the business sector for halal meat imports in the Middle East and Southeast Asia alone developed by more than 18.2 for every penny to achieve just shy of $2 billion a year amid that same period.
Pakistan's piece of the overall industry inside this quickly developing business sector is an irrelevant 2.9 for every penny. In any case, Pakistani exporters appear to be resolved to compensate for lost time. In the six years finishing in 2009, Pakistani red meat trades have ascended by a normal of 68.6 for every penny a year, however as a matter of fact from a low base.
However with the coming of more new players, and with shockingly powerful backing from the administration, Pakistan is nearly getting to be one of the biggest players in the meat exchange, at any rate inside the Middle East and Southeast Asia.
Maybe the single greatest favorable position that Pakistan has is closeness. The nation is nearer to the Middle East than any of its greatest adversaries in the business sector. The three nations with the biggest pieces of the overall industry are Australia, Brazil and India, each of which has impressively higher delivery expenses to these fare markets contrasted with Pakistan.
A few organizations from Pakistan have entered the red meat send out business and much more are entering the business sector. The most established and a standout among-est the best of these is PK Livestock, a Karachi-based abattoir which has been sending out red meat to the Middle East for more than two decades.

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Pinnacle, a Lahore-based exporter, turned into the main Pakistani organization to offer hamburger to Malaysia, after the Malaysian government lose its administrative necessities for Pakistani exporters.
Pakistan's aggregate meat fares may approach $100 million in 2011 and could surpass the $500 million imprint in around five years, as indicated by projections by ASI Partners.
Surprisingly, the common legislatures of Punjab and Sindh have been effectively advancing the domesticated animals part. Given the way that the segment utilizes 17 for each penny of the nation's workforce, a push to enhance the efficiency and attractiveness of the business' items is an appreciated endeavor to enhance the livelihoods of the absolute most powerless Pakistanis.

Monday, 3 October 2016

Textile Industry of Pakistan

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There are many industries in Pakistan. More or less these industries are playing their role for the development in Pakistan. As Pakistan is still a developing country so every industry is contributing in the growth of Pakistan by working hard and by showing concerns for the business in Pakistan.  There are industries which are raising the economic growth of the Pakistan by their efforts.

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One of the largest industries that are manufacturing industry of Pakistan is the textile industry in Pakistan. The leading exporter of the products of textile in Asia is the Pakistan which is the eighth largest exporter of the products of textile. The textile sector of the Pakistan contributes to the GDP also.
Moreover, the largest and most leading producer of the cotton is also Pakistan and Pakistan has ranked on 4th number in production of cotton.  Not only has this Pakistan also had the capacity of spinning in Asia after India and China. It also contributes to the spinning capacity globally near about 5%.  The current scenario is that there are around 1221 units of ginning, spinning units are 442, larger spinning units are 124 and there are 425 small units from which the textile is produced.
If we talk about the exports of Pakistan concerning textile then we will come to know that the textile comprises of fifty seven percent of the export revenues of Pakistan. Whereas,  in the recent years the export of textile have declined.  The textile exporters association of the Pakistan has requested the government of Pakistan to take initiatives and measures to confirm and ensure the growth of the exports of the textile and also sustain the employment that is provided by the textile industry of Pakistan. We can also say that the employment rate has been increasing with the passage of time due to the textile industry of Pakistan which is step towards the growth of the Pakistan.
The associations of Pakistan textile mills have the demands for the removal of the duty on the imports of the cotton and the repayment or discount on the exports of the textile.

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We can measure the importance of Pakistan’s textile industry and Pakistan’s textile industry will never ever die because the back bone of the economy of Pakistan is the textile industry of Pakistan.
Trade the largest trading hub provides potential and courage to the investors of the textile industry of Pakistan to invest more in the industry of textile in Pakistan.
Your investment counts a lot towards the growth of Pakistan. The country’s strength lies in its people’s hard work and their audacity to work for the country and its growth.
Trade ghost provides platform to the investors who are concerned for strengthening the Pakistan.

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Scope of Pakistan B2b Marketplace

Pakistan B2B Marketplace - Trade Ghost

B2B market place is basically a market which is concerned with business to business. We can easily conclude from B2B that B2B is the short form for the gateway which is designed in regard of connecting small sized manufacturers and suppliers as well as medium sized manufacturers and suppliers. These small sizes and medium sized suppliers and manufacturers have the buyers as well as exporters for their business across the whole globe. There are many B2B market places in this world. These B2B market places help the businesses which are small in size or which are medium kind of business in size to go further from the boundaries of their own country. These B2B market places are also encouraging the small sized businesses to do the business smartly and elegantly all over the world.

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Trade is the platform from where many users interact with different users regarding business and not only this trade also connects many different sorts of businesses through different countries. is working hard for the promotion of the business of Pakistan.  Trade is especially for the Pakistan and the different and diverse kind of products of Pakistan. Trade ghost is boosting Pakistan and its growth through B2B strategies.  Trade is especially designed for this purpose or we can also conclude that the trade ghost is only premeditated for promoting the products of Pakistan all over the globe.  This purpose of trade ghost is a step towards the more exports of Pakistan due to which the exports of Pakistan will definitely increase. From trade ghost .com individual can easily show the products or specialty of the business to the traders internationally and this effort of the businessmen along with trade ghost can increase their revenue which they are going to generate from the respective business.
Moreover, trade ghost is promoting Pakistan’s business by using different ways for instance through E-commerce, digital marketing etc. There are also many services which trade ghost provides to the businessmen so that the Pakistani products can come into more lime light then before.  These services by trade ghost involve marketing through social media, marketing through different search engines, web development and search engine optimization.
Trade ghost also provides TRADE ALERTS which are the sources from which the members of great trading hub trade ghost are able to keep their selves up to date regarding different selling offers, different buying offers and products and profiles.

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The business of Pakistan can easily be transformed into the global enterprises with trade ghost.
We are taking many initiatives for the growth of Pakistan. Pakistan has the potential to grow. There are many master mind businessmen in Pakistan which are ruling the business sector all over the world. Pakistan is a great place for B2B market place and the due to the E-commerce industry of Pakistan the B2B market place in Pakistan has becoming a world class marketplace.

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Pakistan and The Strength

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Pakistan is a developing country. Pakistan is improving its condition day by day due to its performance in the economic sector. For any country the economic growth of a country decides whether to decline the levels of the country or to increase the status of the country. Whereas, current status of Pakistan clarify that the country “Pakistan” is facing many threats and many tribulations. Due to these threats and tribulations the image of the Pakistan has smashed. But still there is dream in the minds of the people of Pakistan. There is hope in the minds of the people of Pakistan.

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There are many aspects which broadens the growth of Pakistan. And these aspects are just needed to be improved. Let us talk about the Pakistan and its sports. Although, the image of Pakistan has been cracked because of the fact that there is threatening dilemma in Pakistan. Researchers have over viewed the different sights of Pakistan and they had also concluded that Pakistan can gain more and more success by just little different efforts. For instance, the football team of Pakistan is ranked on 190th in the world. If we review the track record of the Pakistan in the Olympic Games all over the world, Pakistan has won gold medals which are three in number.
Pakistan should not give up for the sports and athletes it has the potential. The people of Pakistan have that strength in them from which they can raise their country to the peak of success. Always hopes should be the best. Pakistan sports has vast potential.
The famous starts of Pakistan like Samina Baig, Nasim Hameed, Aisam ul haq and Hajra Khan are the stars of Pakistan. They created the potential booster examples of their lives. Because these stars and their lives are constantly and deeply concerned with the future of Pakistan and its sports.
The procedure of strengthening the Pakistan sporting sector and procedure for rebuilding the Pakistan sport sector can be slow. And for the daring changes in Pakistan’s sporting sector many different essential steps are needed. The sports ministry of Pakistan has to accumulate the platform for the endowed people. This platform has to hunt down which means door to door visit. Enhanced staff for coaching who should be assisted by the trained coaches and sports personalities who are specialized are needed.

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Developing country like Pakistan is badly in a need of teaming or we can say that there is a need of working together in such a country so that the country grows in shorter period of time. Team has very important place in life either professional or personal. Working in a team is predictable understanding of life especially for those people who prefer to work without help. Teamwork is the ability to work together with other people. It is used in all facets of life.  For instance, a team of sports will not be successful until and unless all the sportsmen in a team works together as a single unit.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Top Interesting Facts for Everyone to Know About Pakistan

Pakistan B2B Marketplace is the first online B2B trading portal which will make a bridge between Pakistan and the entire world to share the Pakistani products in the international markets.
The main aim and focus of our website is to raise the economy of Pakistan and increase the value of the Pakistani product mark in the international markets.
We as a representative of are responsible to show the best image of Pakistan to the entire world because we believe that Pakistan has hidden treasures in all life aspects specially in trading.
Anyone who lives away from this beautiful and rich history country won’t realize the facts of the importance of this great country.

Pakistan B2B Marketplace

These are some top amazing facts presents to everyone to know about the great country Pakistan:
• Pakistan has the highest mountain ranges in the world

• Pakistan has the largest deep sea port in the world in Gwadar
• Pakistan has the highest paved international road with China, “Karakoram Highway”
• Pakistan has the second largest salt mine in the world, “Khewra Salt Mine”
• Pakistan has one of the largest deserts in the world, “Thar desert”

• Pakistan has the highest polo field in the world, “Shandur Top Polo”
• Pakistan has the largest irrigation system in the world
• Pakistan has the largest ambulance network in the world, “Edhi Network”
• Pakistan is the First Islamic country to attain nuclear power
• More than 50% of the world’s footballs are manufactured in Pakistan “Hand-Sewed Footballs”
• Pakistan has the 2nd best performance in stock exchange
• Pakistan has the world’s largest and oldest manmade forest, “changa manga”
• Pakistan has the 4th largest broadband internet system in the world
• Pakistanis rank as the 4th most intelligent people across the world
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We proudly represent Pakistan and transfer its culture to the whole world.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Jute and Jute Products

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Jute is also known as Golden Fiber. It is known so because of the reason that its color is golden and brown. It is also one of the important fibers. Jute is on the second number to the cotton in terms of the usage and consumption of the jute. The consumption of jute involves the jute’s production and its consumption globally. It is such kind of fiber which is used to make canvas sacks and garden loop or twine. It is one of those fibers that are the most affordable fibers. Jute is the environmental friendly. The plants of jute are very easy to grow. The plants of jute have high yield per acre. Jute is different from cotton as it has little need for the pesticides and the fertilizers.  Similar to the flax and hemp the stems of jute are also processed in the same way. Jute is the best ever fiber. The fibers of jute are long. Their length is nearly from 1 meter to 4 meters. Jute fiber is silky, jute fiber is lustrous and as mentioned above the color of jute fiber is golden brown. Most of the fibers of textile mainly have cellulose where as the fibers of jute are partly cellulose and part lignin.

Jute Suppliers in Pakistan

What is cellulose and lignin? Cellulose is the major component that is of plant fibers where as lignin is the major component which is of wood fiber. So we can say that jute is a textile fiber partly and it is also partly a wood.  The fiber of jute offers the strength, the cost that is very low, the durability which is superior, flexibility and the versatility.
What are the uses of the jute fiber?  The fibers of jute are used alone as well as blended with other and different types of the fibers to make rope and twine. The butts of jute and the plants coarse ends are used to make the cloths which are inexpensive.  The fine threads of the jute are also separated to make the imitation silk. The fiber of jute can also be used to make the papers. Here it brightens up the importance of the jute as the concern of forest destruction for the purpose of wood pulp which is mostly and widely used in the making of the papers has decreased.  And in future the expectation for the fibers of jute regarding this purpose is expected to increase.

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Moreover the fibers of jute are woven foe the making of curtains, coverings of the chair, different carpets and cloth of hessian. However, fiber of jute has been reinstated by synthetic materials. Hence, the importance of bio degradation on few situations where the fibers that are artificial are not at all suitable leaves few uses open for the jute. For example the container which is used in the plantation of the young trees. These are the tress which can be planted directly from the containers without disturbing and destroying the roots of the plants and the restoration of the land where the cloth of jute prevents erosion occurring while the vegetation becomes customary.

Monday, 26 September 2016

Dried Fruits of Pakistan

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As Pakistan have many changes in its climatic conditions. When there are winters in Pakistan there are many items which are specialized for winter season. As winter starts touching different areas of Pakistan it is probably the best time to enjoy the delicious, appetizing and tasty dry fruits. Dry fruits are famous for winters. Winters and dry fruits have very strong and strapping relation. We must say that dry fruits are the companions of the winters. Dry fruits are highly demanded in winters. Mostly the prices of dry fruits in winters rises because dry fruits worth more in winter season than in summer season.

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There are many different types and categories of dry fruits which are highly demanded in the winter season. Few of the most known dry fruits are Pistachio which is commonly known by a name “Pista”, Cashew which is commonly known by a name “Kaju”, Almonds, Walnuts, Pine nuts which is commonly known by a name “Chalgoza” and many others. Most of the people love to have these dry fruits in winter because of the fact that winter season’s fun is doubled with the different dry fruits. Most people add the dry fruits in to their food and consider the dry fruits as a healthy and vigorous sumptuousness of winter season. The taste of the dry fruits and their nourishing quality make the dry fruits more desirable and enviable.
Dry fruits are also used in making of different homeopathic medicines. God Almighty has been so much merciful on Pakistan as God Almighty has given dry fruits like figs, walnuts, almonds, pistachio, pine nuts, dates and peanuts to Pakistan in abundance.
The sources of dry fruits in different markets proudly states that the peanuts which are local have profusion of nourishment. The king of dry fruit is almond. It is grown in the Loralai and the areas adjoining loralai. Almonds are smaller in the size and they have a harder shell. These almonds cost nearly three thousand rupees per 40 kilo grams according to the people of Jodia bazaar. It is one of the most famous bazaar for the dry fruits. Whereas Kaghazi almond that is also known as paper almond is better in the quality than the almonds of America.

Dried Fruits Exporters in Pakistan

Another famous and important and most wanted dry fruit grown in Pakistan is the Walnut. Walnut is cultivated extensively in NWFP’s dir, Mengora areas and Swat. Most of the walnuts consumed by Pakistan are imported from Afghanistan and Iran which are the neighboring countries of Pakistan. The price of walnut in a shell is more. It is near about twenty two hundred rupees per 40 kilo grams. The price of the dry fruit is always dependent on the season and off season. Grapes are grown on the Pak Afghan border.
Another main and most wanted dry fruit of Pakistan is pine nuts. The world weight for the season so that they can have the taste of pine nuts. It could also earn very good amount of the foreign exchange. The Sindh grows the only dry fruit that is dates. They are widely and largely grown in the Sukkhar and the areas adjoining sukkhar. The main buyer of pine nuts from Pakistan is India and competitor is only Iraq. Whereas peanuts are grown in the province of Punjab and sindh and being rich in oil helps in saving the foreign exchange for the country otherwise should have spent more on the import of the palm oil.